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Census: California "Mickey Mouse"

In all the world of porcelain license plates, there is one plate that stands out as
perhaps the most distinctive example ever produced - the pre-state California
"Mickey Mouse."  Issued by the Auto Club of Southern California, these plates
could be purchased by members beginning in about 1909.  Virtually all known
examples have the auto club round emblems at the top, but a far rarer variant
has these "ears" at the bottom.  There are other auto club pre-states with the
emblems on the left and right sides, but as distinctive as these are, they do not
compare with the stunning visual beauty of the California "Mickey Mouse" plates.

While not exceptionally rare, these sought-after pre-state porcelains are gobbled
up by collectors whenever one hits the market.  I am aware of 50 examples
presently in collectors' hands.

If you are aware of any that I have missed, please
contact me.  Thanks!