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Tulsa Porcelain Census
As a group, Tulsa porcelains are by far the most common of all Oklahoma
pre-states.  Not only was Tulsa the first municipality in the state to issue a
porcelain license plate (1910), but it also boasts the longest run of porcelains
with its six distinct annual issues.  There are 38 surviving Tulsa porcelains known

The first two years are extremely scarce, with only a few examples of each known
in collectors' hands.  Rarest of all, however, are the 1914 Livery and the 1915
Motorcycle, both of which are the only surviving examples of their kind.  By
contrast, the most common Tulsa porcelain is the 1914 issue, of which we know of
sixteen surviving examples.  

Below is a census of all known Tulsa porcelain license plates.  If you are aware of
any that do not appear on this list, please
email me!  THANKS!

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Total Known: 2
TULSA 1911
Total Known: 3
TULSA 1915
Total Known: 8
TULSA 1914
Total Known: 16
TULSA 1913
Total Known: 5
TULSA 1912
Total Known: 4
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