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Lalance & Grosjean
Two French immigrants, Charles Lalance and Florian Grosjean formed the L&G
Manufacturing Company, and started producing porcelain enamel covered iron
cookware between 1863 and 1870 - one of the first companies in the United States
to do so. Before long, Lalance and Grosjean opened their doors in Woodhaven
New York, located in south west Queens. The two helped to turn a farm
community into a manufacturing town employing over 2,100 people on an eleven
acre lot. The company manufactured various products, and was well known for
improving the process of tin stamping. L&G Manufacturing also made mess kits
for the Spanish-American War.

Grosjean managed the factory and had several company houses built to
accommodate French workers who immigrated to work in his company. Houses
were built in all of the communities hosting an L & G factory - Chicago,
Boston, and Harrisburg.

In terms of porcelain license plates, the company is known to have received just
one state contract - to produce plates for New York in 1912.

L & G Manufacturing would later became the world's leader in tin stamping,
holding that title for almost a century. After World War II sales began to drop
and the factory closed in 1955.

New York
Undated (1912)