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Maker's Marks
Certain manufacturing firms were well known for their manufacture of porcelain
license plates.  Most notably among these are the Beaver Falls, PA based Ingram-
Richardson Manufacturing Company and the Baltimore Enamel & Novelty
Company.  Together, these two companies account for the vast majority of all
license plates produced for which we know the manufacturer.  However, there
were more than a dozen companies vying for license plate contracts at one time
or another in the porcelain era.  Some of these companies did moderately well in
the shadows of the two giants "Ing-Rich" and "BALTO," while others are known to
have produced just a single variety of plate.  A great number of plates – especially
Canadian porcelains and U.S. city & county plates – are unmarked and we will
probably never know who manufactured them, but the many that are in fact
marked tell a fascinating story.

Please click on one of the firms listed below to find out more about them and what
they are known to have produced.
Baltimore Enamel & Novelty Co.
Baltimore, MD
Brilliant Manufacturing
Philadelphia, PA
Burdick Enamel Sign Co.
Chicago, IL
California Metal Enameling Co.
Los Angeles, CA
Horace E. Fine
Trenton, NJ
Beaver Falls, PA
Lalance & Grosjean Manufacturing Co.
Woodhaven, NY
Lamb & Tilden
Washington D.C.
Maryland Enamel & Sign Co.
Baltimore, MD
London, Ontario
The J.F.W. Dorman Co.
Baltimore, MD
Quayle Enamel Company
Albany, NY
Plates were
Silica Signs
St. Louis, MO
Thomas Davidson Mfg. Co.
Montreal, Quebec
Hiss Stamp Works
Columbus, OH